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mercoledì 26 novembre 2014

Hunter: 'Memories' (003)

Hunter is back. This would be probably enough to say to all our fans whose memory of a track as 'Pacific' is still vivid on their mind. Now he made something fabulous again, gathering 11 bright tunes and working on different approaches: you'll find our beloved pleasing nu disco summery vibes but also a pair of charming rnb and hip hop drifts. Exquisite vocal lines, mellow chords, groovy basslines are the ingredients of a unique formula used by one of our dearest italian talent who brought his nostalgic breath back to our discography. Fall in love with this already masterwork release, grab it on our bandcamp page:

giovedì 6 novembre 2014

Albacore: '2 The Melody' (208)

Albacore has explored new fields in music engaging the true master in UKG style Mokujin and the incomparable genius of Sondi for the garage house single called '2 The Melody'. The track we're talking about is a "sincere groove" one, it adds together the power of a soul sample (heart melting female vocal) and the throbbing clicking of raw drums. The result includes an original charming "radio" tune, a bouncy terminator remix for dancefloor and a crazy jungle version to run wild. Listen and download MSR 208 for free:


domenica 12 ottobre 2014

Dream Entact: 'Abtrct' (H02)

We're back with the H_ serie thanks to the great Dream Entact, the young fellow we had already met for a bunch of collaborations the past years. This time the fabulous beatmaker from Altanta (Georgia, US) has worked on very crunchy samples, exploiting his common raw approach as hip hop style for a set of futuristic atmospheres. 'Abtrct' 4-tracks EP consists of classy vocal cuts and relaxing inverted loops, assembled together in a fantastic way by a sincere soul. Listen to all these precious vibes downloading the release for free:

lunedì 22 settembre 2014

Mr. Coquedeux: 'Gardens Of Babylon' (002)

Mr. Coquedeux, one of our national most talented member, is back with his release for the 0_ serie called 'Gardens Of Babylon'. This fantastic album consists of dreams, hopes and illusions in music (notes, beats and samples). A particular sound from a parallel world, in which the listener is throwed lacking in time and space coordinates, where loops are the unique ground to drive his mind and body. Deep house tunes on one hand, hip hop interludes on the other one, evoke a truly exotic scenario. If you're ready to dive into it, download the kaleidoscopic release for free:

domenica 7 settembre 2014

Je Couleur: 'Futurista' (117)

We're very excited to introduce you all the first MSR 1_ release by the young passionate producer from Mexico Je Couleur, a true genius of experimentation in suggestive and "spacey" music. What he likes to do is playing with low bpm in order to achieve various style of electronic music, from the kinetic break of 'Futurism Aesthetics', full of quick vocal cuts, through what can easily be considered one of the most hypnotic trip you could ever start: very deep vibes, dynamic basslines, classic and mellow piano chords. If you're ready to listen to the future, play it and download it for free:

domenica 10 agosto 2014

Albacore: 'My Beautiful Scar' (116)

A new turn has finally arrived in the middle of our Summer of releases. 'My Beautiful Scar' is the new precious 5-tracks EP by Albacore, a chronicle of skids and crushes narrated in solid beats and magical filtered samples from the 80s. These beatdowned and overpitched tunes can bring to you the rights feelings for living the rest of the sunny season at its best, enjoying a new romance, dancing some old and refined love chants turned into good-vibes slow dances. You can listen and download for 1€ each track on our new bandcamp page below!


Albacore - Declaration Of Love (official video)

domenica 13 luglio 2014

Mixtek: 'Hit And Run' (115)

Our summer season of release continues with the debut EP by Mixtek, from Chile, on our label as MSR 115. 'Hit And Run' is the title of this powerful bunch of disco groovin' tunes definitely made for the hottest dancefloors of the city. Thanks to several frisky samples and forceful drums pattern, this kind of house music is exactly what will let your booty shake, making your sunny days full of good party music. The touch is incredibly classic, the vibes exclusively fresh. Don't miss all this, listen and download these four tracks:

domenica 22 giugno 2014

Midnight Side Artists: 'Made In Italy' mixed by Albacore (M03)

A year after, part of the whole collective decided to join a Summer Compilation project again. This time the 'Made in Italy' theme suggests us to work on lounge vibes "all'italiana" as we use to say. Due to the styles, any approach of our artists is different but incredibly fresh in regard to the sound. Thank to Quiet Chaos, Hunter, Voodoo Whiskey, James Claremont, Kéo Sapha, Full Level, Sondi!, Liquid Pegasus, Albacore, Mr. Coquedeux, Tommy Vicari Jnr, Brookside Chase and Starlet Nitez which have made it possible. Time to go to the beach, to have fun at the parties, to listen to some mellow and lively music:

Quiet Chaos - Worries ('Made In Italy' Summer compilation official preview)

domenica 1 giugno 2014

Miami Slice: 'Brooklyn 2 Brooklyn' (114)

Miami Slice, the great producer from NYC, joined us with a new fantastic five tracks EP called 'Brooklyn 2 Brooklyn'. This first-rate release launches our filtering, bubbly summer bringing a cheerful and fresh disco house sound, with a very smooth touch. You'll find sweet vocals and winsome loops, for a truly pleasing set good to inspire a sincere seaside mood. This properly beach vibes style is just what you need to start the new season listening to some enchanting music, so leave the blue days and download this sunny MSR 114 for free:

giovedì 22 maggio 2014

Barlos: 'Sotterranea' (207)

We're glad to introduce 'Sotterranea' as the first collaboration with Barlos, the great skillful talent from Wichita, Kansas. His debut on our label is a dope single release which proves all his house music passion, bringing back the old-school sound of the 90s. Three versions of the same tune for different approaches to the basic of the genre: classic roland drum machines, vintage synths and bassline, preaching vocals. The result is an higly dancefloor killer main track plus deep and vox variations. Enjoy this bright music absolutely for free download as usual:


martedì 6 maggio 2014

Full Level: 'The Rats Leave The Boat' (303)

After a year Full Level duo is back with another extra large 24-tracks impressive mixtape, maybe the boldest gathering they ever made titled 'The Rats Leave The Boat'. This over two hours long house music road consists of what we expect anytime Mr. O and Good Flava put out some recording, and so energy, deepness, chill tempo, dreamy and kicking vibes, a cool and neat mega-album with also four bonus tracks to get close to Summer, parties, cocktails and bikini gals. Very hot days are coming, after the wait now you need to download it for free or pay on gold:


lunedì 7 aprile 2014

Kéo Sapha: 'Vague D'Amour' (113)

After several remixes, one of our closest member has finally decided to delight us all releasing a stunning four tracks EP. 'Vague d'Amour' is the name of this incredibly refined work by the french talented producer Kéo Sapha, a gathering of funk and soul music influenced tracks, for different approaches to house style through gospel samples ('Immigrés'), highly vibrating basslines ('Amouresement') or heavy pounding drums ('Pineapple'). The result is a fresh and sweet release to enjoy during the next sunny months before Summer. Download this precious music as usual for free.

Kéo Sapha - Immigrés (official video)

mercoledì 26 marzo 2014

J Sweet: 'Dance For Give' (206)

This new single from our MSR 2_ serie is what you need to go back to the dancefloor. Julian DJ aka J Sweet, from France, is a true master in making people dance as his soulful tune proves, with a great mellow sample turned into a jazzy moving track. A different style then for remixes by Brassfoot and Albacore, which extends the vibes thanks to several fxs such as reverbs and filters, lower and higher bpm. Now, all you have to do is download the entire release for free, choosing your favourite mix and playing this right music for the party.

giovedì 6 marzo 2014

Sondi!: 'The Ballad For GINA' (MSRG01)

"Well other than GINA being an acronym, The Ballad for GINA is literally a ballad for the girl that broke my heart. Each song tells like an act of our relationship up until the final scene. I know she'll probably never listen to this, but it's good to get it off my chest." "My style is definitely New Jack Swing influenced. I love the euphoric 90's and y2k vibes that we don't really get out of music today. Deep Bass, hard to catch samples, smooth percussion, and NES noises are the basis of my songs. Before my music was just made purely to party, but lately I've been feeling in such a lovey dovey mood. I want to make more love song. I want to bring the fun and dance back into love music." Sondi!  

buy MSR G01

giovedì 23 gennaio 2014

Interview: Sondi!

Tell us something about your young age. When did you start making music? How was your first approach as a producer?
I'm actually about to turn 17 in April, haha. I started making music when I was 15 as a producer for my brother, Ronnie $lugz, who was just starting to rap back then. While I was waiting for him to write lyrics or edit vocals, I would be making my own music. I just started making music so that people could have that feel good party hard vibe to. Though I was immature and naive back then and didn't really put much work into my craft.

How would you describe your own style?
My style is definitely New Jack Swing influenced. I love the euphoric 90's and y2k vibes that we don't really get out of music today. Deep Bass, hard to catch samples, smooth percussion, and NES noises are the basis of my songs. Before my music was just made purely to party, but lately I've been feeling in such a lovey dovey mood. I want to make more love song. I want to bring the fun and dance back into love music.

Which are your main influences? Are they mainly from your country, the USA?
Teddy Riley and Tofubeats (from Japan) are the first influences that come to my mind. Teddy's style is exactly everything that I want my music to become: classics. Tofubeats is amazing vocally and production wise too. It was like a dream to work with him on the Summer Dreams album and I would really love to work with him again. Most of the music I grew up to was either from Europe or New York.

Is there something that you want to convey with your music? 
I want to convey a good time. Whether its talking to the girl of your dreams, partying all night with your friends, or even drawing dingos on a Thursday night. I'm tired of the same old “Yeah I’m so hard Oh yeah".

Do you keep on giving music for free? Explain us your opinion about it.
Free music will be with me even if I get Micheal Jackson famous. At the end of the day I'm making this music for everyone to feel good, and if I don't ever make a dime off my music, then so be it. Long as we all get to party.

Your EP 'The Ballad For GINA' is upcoming, also available on CD format on our label. You told us there's a concept behind this release, could you reveal something?
Well other than GINA being an acronym, “The Ballad for GINA” is literally a ballad for the girl that broke my heart. Each song tells like an act of our relationship up until the final scene. I know she'll probably never listen to this, but it's good to get it off my chest.

Have you ever been in Italy? What's the idea you've got of our country?
I have never been to Italy, but I would die to go there one day. I actually thought I going there next summer. Italy is so amazing, such rich culture and amazing food. And don't even get me started on the women and beaches. It's like my earthly heaven. Every time you guys are at 3Monkeys I just sit at home by the window like a loner wishing I could be dancing to Francesco DJing.

You ended up becoming a real ace among our artists. What do you think of our collaboration?
Thanks! I always get excited for the next release. I get pumped listening to the latest EP by good friends like Liquid Pegasus and Leo Grooves. Then there's people that I didn't know and I become the best of friends with them. Its like we're a big family. The compilations are the best because it's always fun to see what everyone did for such a big project. I would love for Midnight Side to have more artist all together.

domenica 19 gennaio 2014


New game! Solve the acronym or SHARE IT!
This is the chance to win 1 free CD copy of our next MSR_G01 release by Sondi! out in February.

lunedì 13 gennaio 2014

Leo Grooves: 'Summer Flavoured' (112)

It's been a year since the last time we collaborated with Leo: even though a lot of things have changed, he still remains the number one in groove delivery. 'Summer Flavoured' as MSR_112 includes four exquisite soulful tracks, more than twenty minutes of pure and precious brazilian vibes for deep and warm souls. Don't miss reverberated piano chords, smooth drum and bass lines, relaxing female vocals and take a break for free to find out the true essence of this incredibly talented musician.  Thanks to him, we can spend another winter dreaming of the good summer flavour. Let your mind fly to some exotic beach: