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lunedì 23 dicembre 2013

Liquid Pegasus: 'Que Tel America' (205)

This is what we have always desired. After a relentless work on his Halcyon Tone Records, we're very happy to release the inspired sound of our dear friend Liquid Pegasus in our singles 2_ serie. If you listen to this catchy classic you will realize the unlimited skills in composition of our man from Japan: lovable and juicy synths, fat bass, non stop cowbells rhythm. And of course a nifty tune like this deserved high-class remixes. We chose Lionello Pacifico and Libano, who added the vocals, massive beats and great personal marks to the original. 'Que Tel America' is our gift for Christmas, download original and remixes for free:

domenica 8 dicembre 2013

Factional: 'Evil Woman' (111)

We're very proud to introduce you our last young talented new entry Factional. 'Evil Woman' is the title of his 1_ serie EP that includes five precious disco-funk influenced tracks. His most clear and original feature is the original way to treat and cut samples, giving prominence to pauses and breaks, developing crazy rhythms and an extremely miscellaneous sound. We chose 'Perfect Blue' as the most representative tune of the entire collection considering the slow beats, the sweet melody, the evocative and relaxing atmosphere as common characteristics of this so enjoyable release. Grab 'Evil Woman' for free as always:

Factional - Perfect Blue (official video)

domenica 24 novembre 2013

Mr. Coquedeux: 'Walking Stories' (H01)

This is how we launch our new MSR H_ serie (hip hop and similar), giving you the chance to download for free the Mr. Coquedeux four-tracks journey through placid and wintry atmospheres. The young italian producer from Milan has worked on a retro-futuristic mix of hip hop and european sounds influenced by black music during the 20s and the 30s, an electro-analog re-arrangement of the shocking pink world of Elsa Schiaparelli fashion. Enjoy these tracks and you'll turn yourselves into modern flaneurs. Don't miss the debut of this new italian talent, grab the release absolutely free:

domenica 10 novembre 2013

Albacore - 'Blaze In My Heart' (204)

We're back. After two months since our last release we're very glad to launch our new season giving you all the ultimate love crush song by Albacore for free. 'Blaze In My Heart' gathers any stylistic elements of our "self confessed Hollywood fanatic" founder: extremely sweet vocals, dynamic drum sets, a reverberd and phasered samples treatment. Considering the young feelings as source of its ispiration, we chose other two young talents of our collective for crunchy and delicious remixes (Sondi!, Hunter). The hope is to keep on delighting you with our sparkling music. Enjoy a great new season!


Albacore - Blaze In My Heart (official video)

venerdì 20 settembre 2013

Midnight Side Artists: 'Ultimate Remixes' (110)

Our first season of releases is over and this MSR 110 represents our farewell to a great year of music made with soul and passion by all of those who joined us. We decided for another free considerable collection of tunes to show our gratitude to all our fans who supported us during this time. Mr. Coquedeux, Kartoffelsalat, HNRY, Brookside Chase, Hunter, 7th Period, Kéo Sapha and Arcade Fighters remixed some original tracks by the founders Full Level and Albacore. We'll return very soon with several changes that we hope will satisfy an increased and motley pubblic. Arrivederci a presto, enjoy your:

lunedì 26 agosto 2013

Quiet Chaos: 'Fuck Love' (109)

It has been a very long summer but now you must enjoy the last magic of this season. To make your hot summery dreams come true, our girft is 'Fuck Love' as MSR 109 by Quiet Chaos guys from Sestri Levante and Milan. We have almost reached the end of our first year of activity, and this twilight music has the perfect vibes for this concept, so put your headphones on and play this bunch of tracks by the seaside. Amazing grooves on electric piano rhodes playing psychedelic notes, powerful rhythmics, catchy vocals; all this will delight and bump you into the world of these two young talents. Download for free:


venerdì 2 agosto 2013

Groove Pool: 'Make It Better' (203)

Midnight Side is back with a new 2_ single release for Summer. This time it's up to Groove Pool, our latest new entry, a true grooves hunter from Newcastle (UK). The result of our collaboration is 'Make It Better', a piping hot tune which brings up to date the old flavour of disco music. You are going to listen to a magic strings and piano combination, accompanied by incisive bassline and memorable singing. It includes a bunch of great remixes by Kéo Sapha, As Sampson and Albacore for different styles from Garage to French House.
Enjoy this as one of our True Estate free release:

mercoledì 3 luglio 2013

Hunter: 'Love Talkin' (108)

Wait is over. With the new Midnight Side release for Summer it's time for an authentic, 100% italian 4-tracks EP. 'Love Talkin' contains sweet and mellow Disco and House pieces of music, the ideal stuff for a nightly car ride ('All Night Long'), the best choice to satisfy your need to dance upon the beach ('Never Head', 'Pacific'). What's particular about it? Just lovely guitar riffs, upright vibes, hot rhythms, early morning and twilight lights; all the right ingredients to spend a season staying young inside. Enjoy the great talent of Hunter, a very eclectic guy from Naples, downloading for free the MSR 108:

Hunter - Pacific (official video)

mercoledì 12 giugno 2013

Albacore: 'My Coney Island Times' (001)

We're happy to present the new album serie forwarding to all our fans the Coney Island postcard Albacore just sent to the Midnight Side Family. Lively tunes and a magic atmosphere is what you enjoy when you play these sampled merry tracks, directly recorded in the land of carnival. This is the right way to spend your summer: 80s disco and boogie music arranged in a new, sparkling form through a frank filters sampling technique, including slapp basses, high-pitched vocals and reverberated grooves. Don't bottle up your feelings and go bananas for these eight free rides:

mercoledì 22 maggio 2013

Midnight Side Artists: 'Sea Side Vibes' mixed by Full Level (M02)

Summer has finally arrived and with it the new Midnight Side Artists' compilation 'Sea Side Vibes', the perfect sound to make your sunny and hot hours cooler. We wanted to give a set rich of nice feelings, with the right atmospheres you can ricreate anytime you want to during all the season. We thank FederFunk, RED, Mokujin, Leo Grooves, Full Level, Mousiké, Adrien De Valentin, Sondi!, Arthur JNR, Albacore, JK JR, Lucy Kurosaki, Kéo Sapha, janefondas, Pavel Fedorov and HNRY which have made it possible. It's time for the first sweat, for the first dive, for the first all night long outdoors party:

lunedì 20 maggio 2013

Albacore - 'Sweet Cake 84' (Official preview)

New video preview for 'My Coney Island Times' Albacore debut album on Midnight Side, out in June, available for free.

For a summer full of gifts...

venerdì 19 aprile 2013

Midnight Side Artists: 'Midnight Shade' (107)

Midnight Side gathers four young talents in latest 10_ EP 'Midnight Shade': dive yourself into it and you will travel through the miscellaneous sounds of our artists. The family gives the best welcome to Dream Entact and Dirty Distrikt, for the first time in collaboration with us, and a special thank to the old friends Sondi! and bkwsk. The new release is for all tastes: experimental mood, shiny grooves, plump samples and intelligent compositions. A twenty minutes adventure of obscurity and light that we want to give free of charge as our habit is. Don't stop the feeling, embrace the vibes and grab it for free:


domenica 31 marzo 2013

Full Level - 'Frega' (Official video)


We have now our official Youtube channel. New video for the song 'Frega' by Full Level just released on our MSR 3__ serie.

Keep the rhythm and fly...

venerdì 22 marzo 2013

Full Level: 'Didattica' (302)

They are back... Midnight Side presents the return of the Monte Santo natives Full Level. A new mixtape, two split sides, this time, with music of the beginnings: Hip Hop and House; pure; sincere; original as usual. Stretched and pitched samples flow carried by drums pealing; the vibes you can get are always of brightness and freshness. If you want to relax yourself, if your wish is to have some party music in garden with friends, then 'Didattica' reflects the perfection, even for smiling while you go to work. Spring has come and this is what you need to go out feeling freedom in the air. Respect and get it for free:

mercoledì 27 febbraio 2013

Mokujin & TinyURL: 'In Rain' (202)

Midnight Side keeps on giving you tracks for free in the form of its newest single format, and this time it's the Mokujin turn, the brilliant Uk garage producer from London now residing in Berlin, in collaboration with the vocalist TinyURL. 'In Rain' is a bunch of several styles for the same track (from a 4x4 garage house version to a cosmic, future VIP one), a fusion of past, present and future, also called by the artist a 'Phantom Rave', in which he conveyd any of his different sources of inspiration: music, street art, video games and anime. Don't waste other time, listen and download the release to enjoy the charming sound of Mokujin:

giovedì 14 febbraio 2013

Albacore: 'Only In Love With You' (201)

It's Saint Valentine's Day... Midnight Side brings you some new music to play and people who truly love just can't miss it. To launch our latest catalogue section of singles, Albacore releases a wistful track already included in 'Love Theme' compilation previously mixed, a blend of various styles: harmonic filters, dull drums and a deep heartbreaking female vocal. Two different approaches complete the b-side of MSR 201 for the night late hours: a 'Dirty Hoe's' version by Full Level, with their usual warm and groovy sound; an electroclash debut remix by JK JR, our new entry directly from Chicago. Feel the vibes and take it for free:

mercoledì 30 gennaio 2013

Sondi!: 'Golden Palace' (106)

Midnight Side finally arrives in United States of America after discovering the new great and young talent from Atlanta whose name is Sondi!, an authentic house music rising star. 'Crunchy' is the tag he uses to gather the tons of different feelings and influences his tracks refer to, an entire collection of black music grooves and rhythmics for one of the most enthralling EP ever made. 'Golden Palace', in conclusion, is born to party hard with friends, listening and dancing such good beats you inevitably end up with play them again and again. Also, for the first time, an astonishing bonus is given with the download:

mercoledì 9 gennaio 2013

Leo Grooves: 'Indian Summer' (105)

Midnight Side celebrates the new year and his first birthday with an incredibly mellow release by Leo Grooves, a 'special groove delivery' as he calls it. 'Indian Summer' is the title of the work, an EP which glows including six soulful tracks ready to be played during your winter night sets in order to warm up the dancefloor easily. After having already collaborated with us working together with Full Level project, Leo has come back making house music as he feels it living in Saint-Petersburg: delicate, fresh as wind on a hot day, evocative of boundless landscapes. How to dive in all this? Download the EP completely free: