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mercoledì 22 maggio 2013

Midnight Side Artists: 'Sea Side Vibes' mixed by Full Level (M02)

Summer has finally arrived and with it the new Midnight Side Artists' compilation 'Sea Side Vibes', the perfect sound to make your sunny and hot hours cooler. We wanted to give a set rich of nice feelings, with the right atmospheres you can ricreate anytime you want to during all the season. We thank FederFunk, RED, Mokujin, Leo Grooves, Full Level, Mousiké, Adrien De Valentin, Sondi!, Arthur JNR, Albacore, JK JR, Lucy Kurosaki, Kéo Sapha, janefondas, Pavel Fedorov and HNRY which have made it possible. It's time for the first sweat, for the first dive, for the first all night long outdoors party:

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