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venerdì 23 novembre 2012

Midnight Side Artists: 'Love Theme' mixed by Albacore (M01)

Sweet things happen. Now you can enjoy the most romantic suit that Midnight Side has ever worn. The collective, enlarged by this time, is happy to presents a musical "summa" of love feelings, through multiple contributions from artists chosen for their deep artistic sensitivity. We thank Sondi!, Esoh, Mike le Disco, McFrench, Evan Michael, Vintage, Dezo, janefondas, Full Level, Albacore, Seven Vices, Je' Couleur, OMID which have made it possible. At this point, you just need to download and play the mixed compilation, a long and seductive trip into passion, sex and love... obviously no ticket is required:


sabato 20 ottobre 2012

Full Level: 'All Eyez On Us - Remix' (104)

If you already need a summer break, here for you a very hot 'remixes' EP released by Full Level back again with Midnight Side. Eight tracks extracted from 'All Eyez On Us - Rare Mixtape & Grooves' (out the past May) and remixed by eight nifty artists: Nuit, Gino & Dino, Matthäus, Nasty Boy, sK jazz dj, Death In Paris 1983, Albacore, Douglas Howser. A classy set to enjoy some deep and chunky sound as felt in the corners of Ensenada, Vienna, Rome or Lisbon. Music that will directly carry you to a beachside bar, drinking refreshing cocktails and watching cute chicks dancing to the beat. Don't miss all this, get it completely free:

domenica 16 settembre 2012

bkwsk: 'Basement Sentinel' (103)

Midnight Side opens the new season with 'Basement Sentinel' EP by bkwsk, latest entry to the collective. The same style for a view on different approaches related to UK Garage music throughout the years: powerful driving synth chords and hard-hitting drums is what the urban 'Things As They Were' is all about; 'Sentinels' sounds heavier and darker, enriched of multiple effects; the ethereal 'Shadows Are Made Of Light' which takes a more gentle and relaxed approach with skippy drums, warm pads and vocal cut-ups. 'Basement Sentinel' as MSR 103 is now out with its good vibes, take it completely free:

domenica 29 luglio 2012

Foreshadowing: 'Fidelis Eternis' (102)

Midnight Side continues its MSR 10_ serie with the last work by Foreshadowing 'Fidelis Eternis' EP,  a well-conceived work whose essence could be easily epitomized in the original video of 'What Have You Done' as main track. Slow and heavy beats wade through distressing vibes accrued from the looping of sad sampled notes. What comes out is the grimly trip of a mind that, influenced by different sources of inspiration (writings more than any other) decided to put his feelings into a music style really hard to define, hoping to get people involved anyway. 'Fidelis Eternis' is out and you can have it completely free: 

sabato 16 giugno 2012

Albacore: 'Let's All Watch Andie Walsh' (101)

Midnight Side launches its 10_ serie with the first EP by Albacore, two young guys that love to spend their summer eating watermelons and having fun at the fair rather than swimming or getting tan. 'Let's All Watch Andie Walsh' contains original tracks which reflect all those feelings you can have when you pass an exam or get your first kiss, music that takes back in time nostalgic people, good birthday songs but also dancing beats. Sampling and modifying old melodies, they keep on looping effective tunes playing with disco or french house rhythms but reaching unique results. Take MSR 101 completely free:

sabato 5 maggio 2012

Full Level: 'All Eyez On Us - Rare Mixtape & Grooves' (301)

Full Level are Frank Oceania and Mr. O, and 'All Eyez On Us' is the first mixtape of a serie which promises to be very long. A fat handful of tracks that you can listen to at home, in car or everywhere, dancing or relaxing yourself and enjoyng what they call Dream House: a mixture of warm sounds chosen taking care of their soul (from hip hop to house music), recorded on a locked range of patterns characterized by groovy drums. Their easy and natural approach to music, sampling funk tunes, allows to put out fresh results very quickly, and you can't miss the first hot and 'rare' one completely free: