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sabato 20 ottobre 2012

Full Level: 'All Eyez On Us - Remix' (104)

If you already need a summer break, here for you a very hot 'remixes' EP released by Full Level back again with Midnight Side. Eight tracks extracted from 'All Eyez On Us - Rare Mixtape & Grooves' (out the past May) and remixed by eight nifty artists: Nuit, Gino & Dino, Matthäus, Nasty Boy, sK jazz dj, Death In Paris 1983, Albacore, Douglas Howser. A classy set to enjoy some deep and chunky sound as felt in the corners of Ensenada, Vienna, Rome or Lisbon. Music that will directly carry you to a beachside bar, drinking refreshing cocktails and watching cute chicks dancing to the beat. Don't miss all this, get it completely free:

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