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domenica 26 aprile 2015

Liquid Pegasus: 'City Saga' (F001)

Liquid Pegasus spent 8 years in post-bubble Tokyo and has captured his side of the city in this 'City Saga' EP. Far From the well-packaged fairytale quality of much of the music coming out of Japan's scene right now, he has a brand of electronic music that suits the moodier nocturnal feel of a crowded club filled with introspective dancers. The chugging 4/4 beats stomp over hollow arpeggiated bass lines and icy kalimbas that echos the steel and glass of the concrete jungle. There is a lonesome quality to these sogns, a mood that speaks to a beat-up determination, a bittersweet idealism that weaves its way through the neon dreams and throbbing desires of the city.

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